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quarta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2015

To the Brazilian 1st Commander General and Chief of Staff

To the Brazilian 1st Commander General and Chief of Staff
There was a plotted against our Brazilian nation on past
Dec 5th,2014 in Quito, Ecuador.All reasons have positively point
out to us why you should constitutionally manifest by using a military
intervention and overthrow our present Government were publicly
present plans that threaten our citizens and sovereignty of our country.
Ideas such as the end of our national airspace security and an issuance
of a single passport as well south America's armed forces school were
discussed in a Criminal organization commonly known as " UNASUL "
who is linked to the drug trafficking outlaws and the Sao Paulo's forum
which don't need an introduction whatsoever at this moment.
Recently in Brazil a considerable controversy has been taken hold on
our society which fully respects our constitutional rights given to our
armed forces in what could be possible to participate in a solution to
what the most corrupted of all organizations so far has done without
our knowledge which was founded by the political Workers Party in
Brazil's accomplished against our nation.
There's no need for additional details here and the recording race of
those who murdered mayors bribe deputies and allegedly involved in
the scheme Brazil's Petrobras amid money laundering and contracts
kickback corruption and also recently shutting the Brazil's Congress
main doors to our citizens and send an aggressively security personnel
to use unnecessary force behavior against a 79 years old female citizen
taking her freedom of speech as well human rights away and by any
means it should be treated as a crime and pursue legal actions
against brazil's President Rousseff.
I had also spent time to come publicly and I already did by appealing
to you all Brazil's Navy Army and Air Force commanders in order to
request your attention and help and saving the nation from a Communist
regime dictatorship that has already taking place within our territory.
My words from now on acquires a different tone and not only as Brazilian
Citizen and certified physician as specialist by the Brazilian Doctor's board
in Brazil. I have also served my country as 2nd Lieutenant of Brazilian
reserve NR Air Force in V-COMAR.
I am coming to you publicly and urging a special attention to all active
duty and reserve personnel to taking in consideration and it will begins the "Insurrectionary movement" and you are considered from now on
as our nation's betrayers due to its military enforcement negligence
and cowardice in action, triggering therefore our secondary military
Police Air Force and the Navy Police Combat in the sense that you
are immediately considered as" PRISONERS " due Military order
instruction survey.
Brazilian Doctor's board
Milton Simon Pires
CRM 20958

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