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sábado, 28 de novembro de 2015


Chef Mueller

A lawyer representing a key convict in the corruption scandal at Brazilian state-run oil giant Petrobras linking Brazil's Rousseff and her own socialist predecessor was detained on Friday as he arrived at Rio de Janeiro's international airport.

Brazilian citizen Edson Ribeiro was wanted for his alleged role in a scheme to keep former Petrobras director Nestor Cervero from testifying against Rousseff's socialist administration, included her own Workers' communist party coalition's leader in the Senate, as well as a billionaire investment banker. Delcidio Amaral and the CEO of BTG Pactual bank, Andre Esteves, were detained on past Wednesday in connection with the criminal plot, which was revealed throughout a secret recording conversations by Cervero's son.

While Brazil's federal officials said Ribeiro was in the United States when the arrests were made and he was picked up early Friday as his flight from Miami landed in Rio. Investigators said that U.S. authorities started monitoring him on Wednesday. The recording made by Cervero's son appeared to show Ribeiro in a conversation in which Amaral offered payouts to the former Petrobras director's family in exchange for not mentioning him or Esteves in testimony to investigators. The plotters are accused of offering a lump-sum payment of over $1 million as monthly payments of around $13,000 to help Cervero's family.

The trio also appeared to discuss plans to provide an escape to Cervero, who was convicted in past August 2015 to 12 years in prison and is serving his time in the southern city of Curitiba, out of the country and to Spain, potentially via Brazil's porous border with Paraguay. While Brazilian newspapers reported that Amaral's lawyer had acknowledged it was the senator's voice on the recordings, though he maintained his client's innocence. 

The attorney said Amaral only agreed to meet with Cervero's son, a Rio-based actor, for "humanitarian reasons" and to provide him "a word of comfort," a key ally of embattled Rousseff's organized crime, in which was installed within Brazil's Territory throughout Venezuela's smartmatic EDR rigged voting device, used mainly to subvert Brazil's democracy and its own constitution.

Brazil's rigged presidency is currently led under to a mid 60's urban guerrilla trained at Cuba's jungle, commonly known as Dilma Vana Rusev, who is fighting for her political corrupted survival, amid calls for her ouster, while Amaral was the director at Petrobras from 1999 to 2001 under former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, then followed by a communist criminal well known as Lula,during that time, Cervero was one of Amaral's closest advisers.

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